7 Places You are Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

Usually, it is easy to see the things that need cleaning in a room. These are common stuff like a pile of laundry, dirty dishes, dirty floors, etc. We tend to clean the obvious and leave the rest to collect dust. Here are 7 places in your home that you forget to clean.

The Closet

When most individuals clean their closets, they just organize it and forget to remove the shoes and vacuum the space. You should also give the walls and baseboards a quick wipe down.

Under the Furniture

Usually, when you look under the furniture, you will be met with a pile of dust and some misplaced items like toys. So consider moving the couch or table and do a quick mop up.

The Vacuum

When you vacuum, you pick up dust and debris, but chances are you forget to clean the device. Regularly empty the vacuum and wipe it out simultaneously.

Doorframes, Baseboards, and Walls

Dust also clings to vertical surfaces and not just horizontal ones. If your walls, doorframes, and baseboards have a textured layout, there’s even bigger chance dust will settle on to them. As such, ensure these areas are regularly cleaned to avoid cases of allergies.

Cleaning Tools

All sponges, mop heads, and scrubbing brushes need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use, but most people tend to overlook this. Cleaning materials can harbor dangerous bacteria and thus the need to keep them clean.

Indoor Plants

Plants harbor dust over time, and it can be easy to overlook them. Simply take a wet microfiber cloth and wipe down the leaves.

Underneath Kitchen Appliances

It also easy to ignore areas underneath and behind your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, etc. These places, just like underneath the furniture harbor dust and even worse, grime and crumbs. Ensure you occasionally move them and give the areas a thorough scrub. If you have a grease trap installed in your kitchen, don’t forget to clean it. You can call greasetrapcolumbus.com they can help you with it.

What Are The Best Vehicle Choices For A Family Vacation Trip?

Taking a family vacation is a great way to spend time with the people you love the most while exploring what the country has to offer. However, in order to make the trip one that everyone has fond memories of, you will want to take the trip in a comfortable vehicle. Continue reading this helpful article for tips that you can use when you are looking for the best vehicle choices for a family vacation trip.

First of all, you will want to consider how many people you will be traveling with to help you determine the size of the vehicle that will be best. Also, you should think about the size of the travelers. For example, if there are two small children traveling with two adults, a regular-sized SUV may be a good choice. However, if you are traveling with two adults and three teenagers, you will want to go with a larger SUV or van.

Make sure to save a contact number of a towing company in case your vehicle stuck and needs to be repaired.

Then, you will want to consider how much stuff you will be traveling with. Do you have several suitcases and other items? Or do you only have a couple of bags you will be bringing with you? Obviously, the more luggage you will be bringing, the larger the vehicle you will need. You may consider a large pick-up truck if you will be traveling with quite a bit of luggage and the travelers will fit in the cab.

Also, you should consider the number of miles you will be traveling. If you are going a long way, you should consider the amount you will pay in gas as you think about which vehicle will be best for your family vacation. However, if you aren’t driving too far, the gas will not be that big of a factor for you and those you are traveling with.

Bloom Into Baby: Onbi Baby Review and Giveaway Ends 5/6

This event is hosted by: Boys Oh Boys, Everything Mommyhood, My Four Littles, and Four Littles Media and sponsored by: Onbi Baby with a special thanks to our AWESOME co-hosts The Coupon Crazy Mom, Simply Southern Couponers, and Fun With Four!

This giveaway is part of the Bloom Into Baby Event.

Be sure to check out all of the current Bloom Into Baby giveaways in the linky below the Giveaway Tools Form.

The Review

Brantley has never been a baby food baby. No matter what we gave him he would spit it out! After months of trying to feed it to him, and tons of money wasted on buying baby food, we switched him to toddler meals and small bite-sized snacks. That combined with healthy natural fruit drinks *used one of those fancy fruit press’- from actual fruits (none of that artificial stuff) He was a happy camper, but finding ways to make toddler meals portable when we were on the go, proved difficult. Yes, you can toss them in the diaper bag with a spoon and a bib, and youre good to go, right? Well, not quite. We found ourselves more often then not in a public place with no access to a microwave or way to heat up his toddler meals (as indicated in the directions).

This is where the Onbi Baby Smash Food Press has solved our problem! The Onbi Baby Smash Food Press is a handheld food processor great for use when you are on the go with your baby or toddler! I just toss it in the diaper bag, along with soft fruits, veggies or other soft foods and we are ready to roll! The Smash Food Press is light weight and takes up about as much space as a bottle or sippy cup. Whenever Brantley gets hungry I just grab the Smash from the diaper bag and in a few easy steps, I have bite sized food or snacks for him to munch on! It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Open the  Smash Food Press and place fruits, veggies or soft foods inside.

2. Press the handles together, smashing the food into bite sized portions.

3. Voila! Instant baby food or bite sized snacks on the go!

Clean up is a breeze! I just run to the restroom and rinse right off in the sink, and for those trips when a sink isnt available, I toss the Smash Food Press into a Zip Lock bag for easy cleaning when we get home. I would certainly recommend the Onbi Baby Smash Food Press to anyone with a baby or toddler, and are always on the go!

The Giveaway

TWO lucky readers will win an Onbi Baby Smash Food Press in their choice of color, either green or orange. This giveaway is open to the United States only. This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST on May 6th. All winning entries will be verified. Good luck and thank you for entering!

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Tea on Tuesday Social Hop #23

The Tea on Tuesday Social Hop is hosted by Jessica at Boys Oh Boys and Haley at Team Ibrahim, with this weeks returing co-host Brani Laine from Thats Just Lovely. The Tea on Tuesday Social Hop, is a multiple social link-up for everyone to meet new people, make new friends,  and grow your audience! There are 4 social link-ups for you to join, including: Your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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StealingIts just not right

As most of you know I am a blog designer. I work very hard to create unique and beautiful designs for my clients. Unique being the keyword here. I am not a confrontational person, nor am I the type of person to defame anyone! But today I am taking a stand, a stand for my business and a stand for other designers that might have had work stolen right out from under them!

This all began yesterday morning when I received an email from a fellow designer. She was concerned about a sentence on my blog design website that was strikingly similar  to a sentence on her site. First and foremost, the sentence she is referring to comes directly from a customers testimonial. So the sentence in question wasnt even written by me! After being taken aback by her seemingly disconcerting email, I did a little background research about her. What I learned still has me shocked and dismayed.

The fellow designer that was concerned about a sentence on my site, and calls herself morally conscious, is S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G from other designers and claiming the work as her own. Yes, stealing. Morally conscious, I think not. But again, I am not going to defame anyone here. This person knows who she is and if she happens to read this post then so be it. She knows what she is doing is wrong, unethical and definitely NOT morally conscious.

Here is an example of what she has stolen (blog names and author profile photos have been removed or covered for security purposes):


So tell me what you think? Coincidence? Not likely. Yes, there are differences in the copy. Such as, there is no background, the fonts are little different whether it be color or font weight, the pattern on the orange stripe, and the square in the header image doesnt have scalloped corners, but this is clearly a copy of the original. If you ask me, I would say she downloaded the header image and edited it a little to fit her design.

This angers me! The original designer created this CUSTOM design for their client, only to have it stolen from them. Not only did she steal the design, she also deceived her customer by collecting payment for a custom design, and provided her with a copy of a design that doesnt even belong to her. The thing that shocks me the most out of all of thisshe is so naive to think that NO ONE would notice. Well, honey if you are reading this right now, I NOTICED. I think I speak for ALL designers when I say, wed appreciate it if you could stop stealing others designs and start creating your own. If you cant, then blog designing shouldnt be your profession.

←- END RANT -→

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone, do the happy dance cause its almost Friday! Woo hoo!

Holiday Clean Up is a Breeze with Seventh Generation {Review and Giveaway}

Seventh Generation has been a staple in my home for quite awhile! I am attached to a greener approach to cleaning, and have been for years. The thought of my house being filled with harmful chemicals is enough to make me…well you know. I have used other green cleaning products, but nothing cuts through the boys’ dirt and grime like Seventh Generation. So when I was given the opportunity to review an amazing kit of new products from Seventh Generation, of course I was delighted!

The Seventh Generation Holiday Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Natural Dish Liquid
  • Automatic Dishwasher Pacs
  • Natural Laundry Detergent Packs
  • Wood Cleaner
  • Natural Hand Wash
I try to put dishes in the dishwasher whenever possible because I’m lazy I would rather be spending time with my boys than cleaning the dishes. But for those extra messy pots and pans or my crock pot dish, usually a good scrub is in order. The Natural Dish Liquid is great at cutting through the grease of last nights’ meatloaf pan, but was gentle enough to leave my hands feeling soft and clean.
These little Dishwasher Pacs are amazing! The first time I used them, I popped one in, turned on the dishwasher and let it do it’s thing! My dishes came out squeaky clean. No marks, no food residue, no stains. Not one dish was left “unclean”. I was surprised considering the dishwasher tabs I had previously used took TWO tabs for my dishes to come out “semi-clean” and I was always washing dishes after the dishwasher was done!
 I was most excited to try the Laundry Packs, because I just love doing laundry {insert eye rolling}. No, really on a serious note, all of the boys, including Brian, have sensitive skin, so I have always used a chemical and dye free detergent to wash laundry. But I love the convenience of popping one of these bad boys into the washer instead of pouring, measuring and then pouring again, plus a drips on the floor or getting detergent on my hands. It’s also safe for HE washers too, so it worked perfectly in my Samsung front load HE washer, and the clothes came out clean and fresh!
 The wood cleaner worked wonders on my all my wood furniture. It didn’t leave an oily film like most wood cleaners do, and it seemed to bring back the original luster to my bedroom suite. I have solid wood dark cherry furniture in my master bedroom, it’s only about two years old and seems to lack the shine and beauty it once held. So naturally I started there, using the wood cleaner on the a night stand, and then a dresser, and soon I had a Master Bedroom full of “new” furniture! Surely this will be a key part of your bedroom solutions.
I will admit I am not fond of lavender scented anything. The smell just seems so over powering and brings a tingle to my nose. So when I opened my box of Seventh Generation goodies to find this Lavender scented hand soap (and the dish washing liquid which is also Lavender scented)…I thought oh no, Lavender {insert sad face}. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this hand soap! The scent is magnificent not too strong, and it leaves my hands feeling clean and soft. I (and the boys) use this hands soap everyday. I (we) absolutely love it!
So there you have it, five wonderful products from Seventh Generation! If you aren’t familiar with Seventh Generation, you can learn more about their bio-based home care products by visiting their website at: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/
Ready to win these fabulous products? Here’s the details:
One lucky reader will win a Holiday Cleaning Kit valued at $29.00 from Seventh Generation. The kit includes: Natural Dish Soap, Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Pacs, Natural Laundry Detergent Packs, Wood Cleaner, and Lavender Hand Wash
The giveaway will run from December 26 – January 9
Open to US residents only
Now for the fun part! Enter this awesome giveaway by using the Rafflecopter form below. Remember the more entries you complete, the better chances you have to win! Please only claim entries that you have completed, because all entries will be verified! GOOD LUCK!

Free Blogger Opportunity: Seventh Generation Holiday Cleaning Kit 12/26 – 1/9


The Seventh Generation Holiday Cleaning Kit Giveaway will be hosted by Boys Oh Boys – Reviews, Giveaways and More.
I am only taking a certain number of bloggers for this opportunity, so when the limit is reached, I will close the sign ups.
How it works:
In exchange for helping me promote the giveaway on your blog and social networks you will receive ONE FREE LINK in the Rafflecopter (with an announcement post).
You may write your own announcement post, or you can can get a sample announcement post here.
This event is open to the US only and will start on December 26th, and end January 9th.
One lucky reader will win a Holiday Cleaning Kit valued at $29.00 from Seventh Generation. The kit includes: Natural Dish Soap, Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Pacs, Natural Laundry Detergent Packs, Wood Cleaner, and Lavender Hand Wash.
So if you are interested in joining me for this Green Clean Giveaway Event, please complete the form below.

All product images are property of Seventh Generation.

Boys Oh Boys 300 Fabulous Follower Giveaway


Hey there! Yeah you, my lovely followers! I am so excited that I have reached 300+ Followers that I am sharing the love, and I have brought 11 fabulous friends who are sharing the love too! Check ’em out:












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Secret Santa for Bloggers, Oh What Fun!

‘Tis the season to blog and be merry! Uh… well you know what I mean! With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to do a Secret Santa for Bloggers! How awesome would that be? So are you in?

Great! Let’s go over the details:

  1. Sign up here  Bloggers Secret Santa. Sign ups will close on November 9, 2012.
  2. You will be matched with another Blogger. Your match will be emailed to you on November 10, 2012.
  3. Gifts should be $10.00 maximum. A small gift basket, a cute handmade something or another, or gift card.  Find some great ideas on Pinterest!
  4. Gifts should be post marked by December 1, 2012. Hopefully this will keep us all from hitting the Holiday Rush at the Post Office! 🙂
  5. Make sure to include a little card with your name and blog information!
EDITED TO ADD: The Secret Santa for Bloggers is open to US and Canada Bloggers.
If you have any questions, shoot me an email to jessica{at}boys-oh-boys{dot}com. AND if you want to help me spread the word, please grab a button. Thanks bunches!

Alright, now that you’ve signed up, link your blog below! Please only enter your blog URL if you have signed up to be a Secret Santa!
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Tea on Tuesday Social Hop #1

I am so excited to introduce to you, the first ever Tea on Tuesday Social Hop, hosted by Jessica at Boys Oh Boys and Haley at Team Ibrahim, with this week’s special co-host Gwen at A Little Unhinged! The Tea on Tuesday Social Hop, is a multiple social link-up for everyone to meet new people, make new friends,  and grow your audience! There are 8 social link-ups for you to join, including: Your Blog. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Bloglovin’, Hello Cotton, and Instagram!
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